23 March 2022

The idea of having your blood taken for testing can be daunting

 The idea of having your blood taken for testing can be daunting, but the experience is hardly ever as scary as you might imagine. Sister Jane Stebbing, an experienced nurse at Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital, guides you through the process.

Hey there, my name is Jane Stebbing,

 I'm one of the oncology sisters at the Guildford Norwood hospital.

 the first step is to assess the veins when the patient comes in we have a nice comfortable chair. usually, the patient knows which arm seems to be better than another one but if we can't find anything that's easily accessible we'll put a warming pad on for five to ten minutes just to make sure that the arm's nice warm encourages the veins to come up a bit quicker.  we then put the tourniquet on we've identified the vein so we give it a good clean 30 seconds with some chloroprene allow that to dry us for doing that we prepare the kit and the needle, we use a vacuum system so the needle is attached to a small tube with vacuum receiver on the end that needle is them just popped into the vein. so it's just a little scratch when the needle goes in. most people don't really notice the IV line is already attached with the receiver for the vacuum bottle. the bottles then go on the end of the vacuum receiver and each bottle is has a specific vacuum for the amount of blood. it needs the bottles to be color-coded for the different tests that are needed. and those bottles will be filled according to the request that the physician or the consultant has made.

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 at the end of that and we release the tourniquet pull the needle out gently and just pop a piece of gauze or cotton wool over the top and the patient usually holds that themselves for about a minute just a clot of the vein. so that it's more comfortable for them and then we just pop a plaster all over the top.

 if there are fears are in our anxieties associated with having any blood tests you don't need to be embarrassed or worried about it there are lots of ways we can make you feel more comfortable we can lie the chair down so that you can't see what we're doing and then if you feel faint you already lying down and obviously we talk to you all the way through to find out if you're having any problems most people find that it's not as bad as they thought it was going to be in the end but if you do then we've got lots of ways to help you deal with it.

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21 March 2022

How to explain TSH levels


It's really common that we're doing cases of hypo and hyperthyroidism we get stuck when we're trying to explain to a patient why your TSH is high in hypothyroid and why your TSH is low in hyperthyroid and we all talk positively about negative feedback loops and things and it gets very confusing one really simple way to explain to a patient is at an elevation of the brain is constantly talking to the thyroid all the time is talking to it and how loud the brain is talking is reflected by your TSH level.

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So without an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, your thyroid gland down here is not working very well so your brain is starting to shout really loud to it remember is shouting loud.

so your TSH level goes up and that's why in an underactive thyroid you don't raise TSH level if you look at hyperthyroid where your thyroid gland is already working really fast your brain starts to become really quiet because the thyroid overworking so it stops talking it becomes quiet and that people TSH level goes down or low so it's worth thinking about until the patient of the brain is constantly talking to the thyroid and depending on how fast this is working your brain either gets really loud I know underactive thyroid or it goes really quiet in an overactive fire and that relates to your TSH level helps.

What is vitamin D responsible for? | What are the causes of vitamin D deficiency? | How to correct vitamin D deficiency | How can you get checked?


Hi there, I'm Dr.Dominic Rowley from let'sGetChecked

And I'm here today to talk to you about vitamin D what is vitamin D?, what causes a bit of vitamin D deficiency?,  and most importantly what we can do to correct vitamin D deficiency?

What is Vitamin D Resposible for?

The Vitamin D is a very complex vitamin it's what we call a fat-soluble assurance first of all you need to have fat in your diet for vitamin D to be absorbed and to be made and Vitamin D beckoning more cinnamon tea is increasingly known to have a very wide set of functions it was always known to promote em calcium absorption so if you go to vitamin D you're not absorbing calcium. so we've always known that if you have a lack of vitamin D it can lead to brittle bones and poor brittle teeth and lead to conditions like osteoporosis. but it's become increasingly known that vitamin D plays a really wide role in the body and for sample in digestive functions and also in immune functions. a lot of these functions are actually unknown at the moment. but vitamin D is becoming kind of a new area of research and interest.

What are the Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency?

So three of those common reasons for vitamin D deficiency and amongst us is number one a lack of sunlight and this is simply due to where you live in the world the second most common reason is if you have any extremes of weight for example if you're very overweight or very underweight this will can also cause a vitamin D deficiency. and the third most common reason that we see is people that simply don't have enough vitamin D in their diet.

How to Correct Vitamin D Deficiency?

So how you do one increase and one vitamin D levels or a corrector vitamin D deficiency well obviously I discuss the causes of vitamin D deficiency so the number one way of increasing your vitamin D and exposure is to increase your exposure to sunlight best time of the day to do this for between the hours of 12:00 To 14:00, of course, you must be cautious in the hotter climes that you don't get sunburned,

The second way of correcting vitamin D deficiency is of course to manage a healthy way so this is easier said than done we understand but as I discussed before if you're very overweight or very underweight you may suffer from vitamin D deficiency so healthy ways is advised,

The 3rd easiest way of in crack correcting vitamin D deficiency is of course to increase the amount of food did you take that is naturally rich in vitamin D and this would include all dairy products if four examples are for any reason you are unable to do this for example because there's a vegan diet or because your dairy intolerant are lactose intolerant you may have to go to your doctor or your local health food shop and you may have to supplement your diet with actual vitamin D supplements.

How Can you Get Checked?

 If you want to know what your vitamin D levels are you can log on to our Website so let's get checked and you can purchase what we call our basic vitamin pack and that also tests you for as well as immediate SE for its bad b12 vitamin b12 and folate and if you of course if you have any other questions or queries you can go onto let's get checked and you can talk to one of our nurses to live chat and they'll be very happy to advise you further.

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FREE ways to GROW your NFT community

Every nft project of all kinds needs to create community but it is difficult. The good news is that nfts themselves can make community building easier if you have the knowledge. So in this blog, I'm going to show you some easy, powerful and free ways to grow your community through better communication and community focused ideas. I will explain this problem starting with this free app from koji the nft message wall and then you will see why it is becoming incredibly powerful so I am trying and there to find Researching the best NFT projects. Find out how they build such a strong and dedicated community and one thing I noticed was that NFTS buyers are really anxious to get an update on how the project has progressed on a regular basis. Is. That's why the best projects know this and as a result they have high communication with their holders and people outside their community. They all do at least weekly project updates but it's still a problem because where they put this information is often scattered on Twitter along with thousands of other messages on discarded servers that get in the way and if you If you are not a discord user then you often do not get any updates and here I think this nft message will work how it works. The first thing you do is set up a free account with koji which will give you a link that will point you to many different things like social media and advertising apps. NFT Message Wall is a web 3 app that you just select to click on the ad and then it gives you something that is almost like a forum. Now the only thing smart people about it are Those who have your NFT can write on it but anyone can read it. So for me, this would be a great place to turn into a functional roadmap and project progress communication tool, to ask your NFT holders questions about what's happening with your project at this point. Encourage and then you just answer them. There, too, your holders are happy because they will find answers that will help them feel comfortable with your progress and those who are considering buying your nfts are happy because they can see that How active you are in supporting your community. But it also solves the problem of never knowing where the most important information is and it provides people with a place that is incredibly easy to access quickly and they have another free There is also an app that will be just a great and personal way to communicate. To reunite with your community to make sure they are always up to date with progress. It's called Unlock with NFT and I touched it in the previous video but I really want to go deeper. So I will tell you how to use it and the problem that it will solve will help you build a strong community. Right now it's very common to update community using Twitter space for projects. These are live chat. The problem is everyone who may be your NFT holder will probably be in a different time zone so it separates the community as they live and they can often be hours long and Then in half the time no one goes and writes. Notice of Meetings Your community can only benefit from them if they are there while they are now so you can record them for later hearing at a later date but I don't think that Many people have hours left. Use this information. So I would suggest that you keep updating your Twitter space community and keep writing your updates in your disagreement and keep tweeting them but you really want to take care of your members. So go and collect all this information in a 60 second video that touches every important point and then use unlock with NFT app to tokenize this video and that means Only those who have your NFT will be able to view it. Then you can leave it on your Kogi page so that it is always easy to find and save the information that you only want to know about the holders of your nfts. And then when this video goes live you just remind your holders that the new video is gone with a tweet with a dove carrying an email discard and start making it a habit of your community that every Friday Check it out at 5pm GMT for example or whatever time you decide. To release it so they always know where to go for the most important updates. And I think this is such a big deal because I can't tell you how much I lost Alpha Free Minutes and important project information because I don't have time to search for thousands of messages. ۔ 40 Strange NFT Projects That I Bought And When You Lose Something Important It Leaves A Really Bitter Taste In Your Mouth And If A Lot Of People Get That TasteIgnoring again and this is one of the best community building tools but These are not web 3 apps but web 2 apps. Here we are going to help you. So a big one Contribute to the development of others in your community A ton compared to their care so that they Tell your friends how cool it is. Marketing your project or work now. Many of you may not have done anything. Before that it could have been really scary. But I have an app for you.It's very simple and proven. Marketing tool is something that People say I'm sure it's around. Long journey, let's see how to market.
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 This is when using e-mail using nfts koji. One of the best ways to handle it Holders and potential holders updated. And it saves you from anything. The algorithm also changes on Twitter. The oncoming accident will do that As much as nft occurs in space People re-enter it using Koji They want to show you that little email app Which you install on your page And it can collect people's emails. Addresses you do not collect for spam Send them or them tons of sales messages. Although to make a list of those who Everyone agrees that they want to contact you. Get them now with updates or information There are many methods that you can use. I really encourage you to use it either. As a marketing tool for creating value Tell potential buyers what you will email them. Useful once a month or once a week Content is not always sold, but its type They will thank you for sending the items. And then promote that 20 time or As Fail is safe for your buyers. Where you tell them I want to see. Make sure you never miss an update. Because it can cost you, so I want you Email is not intended to spam you, but to communicate With you because you don't want to miss Offer a new release or whatever This is very important for this project. Sign up here Give me an email and I'll do it. Make sure you're always on top and then You can download these email addresses. And send it this easy way. Get started and you can leave a mark. More people will follow your Koji page. Always be able to find really easy With your easy link now as in i Mentioned that I have started to formulate my strategy. Have your own NFT project and more. Scared me I don't think so many NFTs Plans will be considered and That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Fiat currency which means to survive. You may not be able to find a team or is ready to receive payment in crypto Well you can always change Ethereum or Seoul for whatever Fiat currency you use Let's say the value of Ethereum crashes Although you plan to exchange it The next day for regular money and All of a sudden you realized that oh wait I stop You can no longer afford to pay my team. One problem is the next community Building App is another and Web2 is another. Crypto Max may hate this suggestion. But this is actually a way for you. Monetize your project so you can Create dollars or whatever currency. If you use it to cover yourself. The situation sometimes arises and it is very easy. Using it allows you to sell tickets. Events so you can chat live Train and then buy people. Fill your Fiat cup here to make more. Continue to provide your safety net The value of your community anyway It would also mean that they would not pay for gas. Fees good old normal money all these relationships With a platform called Looped Live Which you will need to apply for hosting. The event is ongoing but it makes it very easy. Sell ​​tickets from within the app. An alternative method of installing a paywall Direct series or even a zoom instant Use this little app called Link. Locker people only pay to unlock. Link and then they access it but If you want to provide like this The only thing we can go back to is web3. Use Cody's Web3 apps and their secrets. Link Tool Here's what you'll do. Make an NFT that was a ticket. Event and then set up the secret link. Only NFT holders can do that. Access to participation to grow Community You don't just have to market. But pay close attention to your make-up. The community feels valued and excited. There are many ways in which you can do this. It's easy for them to digest and that's what I am. Seeing is believing I think they are in this place. Some of the best linking bio apps for The nfts that I have shown you and they are. Really easy way for nft creators Struggling to grow their community. Some of these issues  

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